C-295 AEW:


Lockheed rolls out Crowsnest solution:

The CROWSNET has, in my view, been the correct option for the future RN ASaC. For one thing, THALES has been working with the RN in this capability since 1982 (formally THORN-EMI); they know how to work with the RN, their needs, missions, and have developed a very tight team spirit.

Needless to say that LOCKHEED knows their business, but it´s not all about technology; LM proposed a phased array type radar which would be fitted in removable pods from the helicopter. The idea is indeed innovative, but as it so happens, pilots don´t usually enjoy flying barriers, but rather like the thrill of fast-low flying, carrying troops and so on. If you design a helicopter which can be used both as ASaC or troop transport, eventually pilots will find reasons or excuses to gradually avoid flying barriers.

Yes, this is somewhat demagogue, but this is the exact case which took place in the Armada; nobody seemed to enjoy flying Searchwaters and eventually, they no longer appeared in “Force Generator” documents. In no time, people started to believe the Searchwaters had been decommisioned and the commissioning of AEGIS destroyers didn´t help much as it was believed that “this ship leaves the AEW concept obsolete”.

Fleet Air Defence        Simple math and simple concept; if you rely exclusively on your shipborne radar, you will be entering the realm of maximum stupidity and, in Clark´s own words, succumbing to “a false sense of protecion”.




3M-54 Klub/50-1000km/1000m/4.6-5m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.8-2.9M/

Kh-35 Uran/130-300km/–/4-15m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.8M/

C-805/500km/5-7m/3-5m/Inertial Active radar homing/0.9M/

C-803/350km/5-7m/3-5m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.9M/

CM-802/180km/5-7m/3-5m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.9M/

C-802/120km/5-7m/3-5m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.9M/

YZ-62/+280km/–/7-10m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.6-0.8M/

C-602/280km/–/7.10m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.6-0.8M/

CM-602/290km/–/7010m/Inertial-Active radar homing/0.6-0.8M/



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